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Welcome to QWear studio, based in Hamilton, Canada.


Shipping details

Please read the following information carefully. By buying you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

PLEASE ASK ME FOR INSURANCE(may cost more) IF YOU NEED. Insurance is optional for domestic shipping, but buyer takes full responsibility for lost items if insurance is not purchased. If your item is returned because you were unable to sign for the package or had an insufficient address in Paypal, you will be responsible for paying additional shipping to have it resent.

All shipments are subject to standard postal services terms and restrictions (notably, no weekend shipments or deliveries). Rates are subject to change upon postal rates increases.

You may be subject to import duties, taxes, and/or customs fees which may be imposed by your local government when you receive your package. You are responsible for paying any additional charges for customs clearance. Rates vary by country and by what was ordered so we are not able to supply an estimated cost. Please contact your local post office or customs office to inquire about these charges.


Regular - 5 to 10 business days

Regular - 10 to 15 business days

Regular - 15 to 20 business days

Refunds, returns & exchanges

NO REFUNDS. Exchanges are avalible only if the plastic packaging of the hat is UNOPEN. Exchanges cannot be made for those that order custom order. If plastic packaging is open there will be absolutely NO exchange accepted due to hygiene. Please note that if you want exchanges, you will be responsible for shipping back the hat and you will also be responsible for cost of shipping of having the item resent.

Free your inner furbaby

Welcome to QWear. We offer a wide variety of anime inspired hats, scarves, headbands and garters but our true signature item is our cat ear hat. Available in many color combinations and styles, our cat ear hats are the ultimate anime accessory. We are proud to say that we were the original purveyors (or is that purr-veyors?)