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Product Description

# Perfect for cosplay, ski, snowboard, club gear, or just to be original. It's a great gift or buy it for yourself.

# This dog hat is an adult size and measures approximately 23" around. Hat is made from white fleece. The face features are made with navy and red felt and are machine applied.

# All items are brand new, hand made with a sewing machine (not hand sewn), created using a industrial serger. Please check my store for different styles and colors hats.

# All items are cut, sew together and made by me. My products are made in Canada

# Please read "Shop Policies" before buying. By buying you are agreeing to those terms and conditions.

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Welcome to QWear. We offer a wide variety of anime inspired hats, scarves, headbands and garters but our true signature item is our cat ear hat. Available in many color combinations and styles, our cat ear hats are the ultimate anime accessory. We are proud to say that we were the original purveyors (or is that purr-veyors?)